“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.” – Minor White 


My intrigue with photography began when I was very young, peering into the developing tray in my father’s darkroom as he processed his photos. Watching the images emerge was magical.

When I graduated from high school my parents gave me my first SLR camera, knowing I had already developed a love for the art of photography. I used this camera as well as large format cameras (4x5) for my studies in fine art photography at the University of New Mexico and in an intensive summer fine art photography program at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

The landscapes of our world inspire me, and as they do, the small intimacies within them fascinate me even more. Look, here is a hummingbird at rest. Here is a fossil two million years old. There’s a lizard! Do you see that tree, how the bark swirls around? And this log, do you see the stones resting like eggs in a nest just there? Or these eggs, resting amongst the stones at the roadside edge? Watch as the changing light on that landscape moves you with its beauty. I hear you Marsh Wren and smile when you appear chattering and flitting about.

I admire the works of many photographers, but Minor White’s photographs have been of particular inspiration to me. His abstract pieces provoke questions of place and time and are beautiful vignettes of the landscape.

After many years of conventional darkroom processing, I now embrace the digital format. Since I have recently retired from a career with the Forest Service, I find I have more time to photograph and to learn the software required for processing digital images.

The computer “lightroom” invites me to produce an image that recreates the moment of capture and inspiration, just as my film processing darkroom did for so many years. I maintain my basement darkroom, and hope to do more work there in the future. Computer processing doesn’t replace the darkroom magic of enlargers, chemistry, paper, safe lights and images slowly emerging in the trays.

What I have placed on this website reflects my recent digital photos. The majority of my photographic work from pre-digital years has yet to be scanned in to digital format. I will continue to add photographs so check back periodically.

Thank you for viewing my site.

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